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Serving Montgomery and portions of Bath, Bourbon, Clark, and Nicholas counties.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does your internet service cover?     

Our broadband internet service is available in Montgomery County, Kentucky. It is also available in portions of Bath County, Bourbon County, Clark County, and Nicholas County in Kentucky. To find out if our broadband internet service is available in your area please submit a FREE Site Survey Request


How fast is your internet service? 

Wireless internet is capable of providing faster speeds than most other technologies. Our lowest plan is over 100 times the speed of dial-up with top speeds that surpass wire-based DSL and cable. If that's not enough, you can upgrade to a plan with even more bandwidth! Whether you need internet for your residence or business we can tailor fit an affordable solution to meet your needs. 


If I switch to your internet service, will I still need my cable provider? 

Well that depends if you are using them for television programming, internet access or both. If you are only using them for Internet access, you can cancel them. 


Can I use your service for online gaming? 

Yes, our network is perhaps the best suited network for online gaming. Our latency and ping times are far lower than wire-based DSL and cable. Games run smoother and faster! 


How many computers can I connect? 

Residential accounts are allowed up to 5 computers. Non Profit accounts are allowed up to 10 computers. Business accounts are allowed up to 15 computers. 


How do I connect to your internet service? 

Following installation, your internet connection will always be connected. No need for an additional phone line or frustrating dial-up processes. Just point and click! 


Is this satellite service? 

No. Satellite systems (such as Hughes Net and Wild Blue) send and receive data from a satellite in space tens of thousands of miles away. With KyWiFi, your location will send and receive data from a broadcast tower in your area which is usually only a few miles away. With satellite, latency makes many online applications such as gaming, VPN and VoIP nearly impossible. If you are a current internet satellite user you're going to be amazed once you logon with KyWiFi! 


Is this service really tax free and regulatory fee free? 

Yes, we are not required to collect city/state taxes or other federal fees on our internet services. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has worked to create an environment promoting broadband. In the event that the FCC later imposes a tax on our services, we will alert you of it prior to your next billing date.  


How long does the install take? 

Most installations will take approximately 2 - 4 hours from start to finish depending on the equipment and your visibility to one of our broadcast towers. 


How do I pay my monthly bill? 

Our payment methods are debit card, credit card or direct draft. Payments are charged/deducted on the 20th of each month for the following month of service. 


Is my service guaranteed? 

KyWiFi is a best effort service provider. Your speeds are up to the plan that you choose. However, our capacity is more than adequate.  


Is there caps on my usage? 

No. There is no limit on your usage. You are free to use as much bandwidth as you can. There is no need to worry about overages or surprise bills.  


Does weather affect my service? 

The only type of weather that may affect your service is power surges cause by lighting. Your connection will not come and go with the weather.  


I have a question that is not addressed above, how do I contact you? 

Please use the contact information listed on the Contact Us page. 



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