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Serving Montgomery and portions of Bath, Bourbon, Clark, and Nicholas counties.


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The mission of KyWiFi is to provide both residential, nonprofit and commercial customers with reliable and affordable high-speed internet access. We strive to provide the highest level of quality service, and to always exceed customer expectations.  

About KyWiFi

In 2005, KyWiFi began as a startup to bring Broadband Internet Access to Montgomery County.

Purchased in April of 2007, by its current owners, KyWiFi has been committed to utilizing the newest technology as it becomes available. The network operations center has been moved to the newest tower in the area, where fiber access is available. Nearly all of our broadcast points have been connected directly to the fiber via high-speed links, which enables us to provide the capacity to keep up with the demand. KyWiFi has expanded its customer base five fold since its inception and has expanded its service to portions of Bath, Bourbon, Clark, and Nicholas counties. KyWiFi is a privately owned local company.  





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